September 2012

Recently we have seen a number of control boards come in for service with the wrong size fuse or a fuse with greater amperage than recommended for the board. It is extremely important to remind your technical personnel:

Always install the recommended size and amperage fuse in control boards

If other than recommended fuses are installed the damage done to the control board could make them non-repairable, damage electrical circuits in the vendor, cause the coin mechs and bill validators to short out or harm the technician or customers.

On the left is a cover for the Dixie Narco S2D control board. You can see it is clearly indicated on the cover the correct amperages of the replaceable fuses and their locations on the board.

If the board does not have the recommended fuses clearly marked on the cover along with their respective locations consult the manufacturer or contact our tech support department at 888-328-5067 before replacing any fuses.

Please note:
Always turn off the power to the vendor and completely remove the board prior to making any repair or replacement.

September Tip

If you have any questions regarding this month's Timely Tip or are experiencing other problems contact our technical support department at 888-328-5067.