Changer Services Blog

Welcome to the Changer Services inaugural blog! We are planning to make this an active part of our communications program and will be posting updates on a bi-weekly basis.

Coinciding with the launch of our new website we would like to re-extend an invitation to all of our current partners and prospects to come and visit us in our "new" facility. While we have been at 2339 Waters Drive Mendota Heights, MN for about two years now we, as always, improve our equipment and processes to insure our partners get the very best in quality, service and support amd would enjoy a visit with you.


We would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate the followign tips that are guaranteed to increase productivity and reduce repair costs.

  1. Don’t carry money changing equipment by their harnesses…it can weaken or disconnect the equipment entirely.
  2. Make certain you have a “proper” tool kit in your truck or vehicle…contact us for a list of the tools you should be carrying.
  3. Turn off the power before installing any replacement or new product.
  4. Always wipe out and clean the coin path on coin mechs and the bill path on bill acceptors prior to putting them in service.
  5. Make sure the software on your control boards is at the latest revision to insure maximum communications.
  6. Set your repaired unit final test parameters at a minimum of $5.00 in coin or currency.

Visit us again in two weeks for our next installment…also review the archives of our timely tips to see what you might have missed. And thanks for your attention; we look forward to continuing to provide you the finest in service and support!

Mark Stolley, President
Changer Services